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Create stunning artistic photos and avatars with GraphixAi.
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Graphix AI Make&Edit Photos is an advanced app that harnesses artificial intelligence to provide a robust platform for photo editing and creation of digital art.

It includes a powerful AI image generator and image effects that transform user prompts and artistic styles into visually appealing outputs. The app offers Text-to-Image Generation where text descriptions are converted into commercial photos or professional art images.

With its Image-to-Image Generation feature, users can create fresh artistic photos based on initial images. The AI local repaint allows the redrawing of any element in the image to obtain a new design.

For fun and realistic portrait image modifications, users can leverage the AI Face Swap feature. The app also provides Photo Enhancement to repair and enhance photo clarity and color.

It can automatically remove unwanted objects, text, and defects from images to create excellent commercial outputs. Background Replacement feature enables automatic replacement of any photo background with AI.

The Image Expansion feature extends the image beyond the original boundaries, adding new elements in a consistent style for a more exquisite image.Users can also enjoy the AI Art Generator and Avatars where they input a photo, choose an artistic style, and watch their avatars come alive.

Utilizing advanced neural networks, it creates abstract, profound AI paintings. Text editing option is also available to fine-tune images by adjusting minor details like changing hair color, adding backgrounds, or adjusting lighting.

Other features include creating art from images, letting AI generate pictures and images based on any given text. Appreciating user security, the app doesnt share data with third parties nor collect user data.

It's a dynamic tool for anyone looking to transform plain images into artistic creations while preserving privacy.


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Feb 5, 2024
Free and light application on the phone ♥️

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Pros and Cons


Multiple artistic style options
Text-to-Image Generation
Image-to-Image Generation
Photo Enhancement capabilities
Automatic removal of unwanted objects
Automatic text deletion
Defect removal from images
Automatic background replacement
Image Expansion beyond original boundaries
Adds elements in consistent style
Advanced neural networks utilization
Fine-tuning via text editing
Adjusting minor details
Creating art from existing images
No data sharing with third-parties
Privacy preserving
Doesn't collect user data
In-app purchases
IP Adapter for image transformation


Requires user prompts
No data export options
Possibly inconsistent image expansion
Limited customization in Text-to-Image
No API available
Limited style options for avatars
No batch image processing
No integration with other apps
No automatic updates for neural networks
In-app purchases necessary


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Does Graphix AI share my data with third parties?
How can I let AI generate pictures and images from given text?
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Why does Graphix AI not collect user data?
What does it mean that Graphix AI can make 'profound AI paintings'?
Can I use Graphix AI to make commercial-quality images?

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