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Generated 3D content creation and exploration.
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Genie is a research preview of Luma's generative 3D foundation model. It offers users an exclusive opportunity to explore the capabilities of this model.

Genie allows users to create content in a 3D environment using a set of controls provided in the platform.Users can control the background of their scenes, adjusting factors such as intensity, blurriness, and the presence of fog.

The model also supports the incorporation of various animations and sequences, enabling users to animate transitions and stages.Genie provides options for controlling scales, densities, and durations of the content, giving users the flexibility to customize their creations.

The platform also offers different material options such as flat shading, depth writing, and transparency blending.Additionally, users can manipulate properties related to the physics of the 3D environment, including formation, dampening, homing strength, rotation strength, and wind translation.Genie allows users to create unique visual effects by adjusting properties such as metalness, roughness, emissive intensity, and iridescence.

The model also supports the inclusion of environmental maps, further enhancing the realism of the content.Overall, Genie's research preview offers a range of powerful features and controls that allow users to experiment with the creation of 3D content and explore the potential of Luma's generative foundation model.


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