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3D asset generation for projects.
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The OpenRouter 3D Generator is a tool designed to create 3D assets for use in artificial intelligence projects. With this tool, users can generate high-quality 3D models using a technology called shap-e.

The generated models can then be downloaded or shared through a unique link.The OpenRouter 3D Generator showcases a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily browse through various creations and access the generated models.

This feature provides users with a diverse range of pre-generated 3D assets to choose from.The tool's integration with GitHub and Twitter enables seamless sharing and collaboration among users, allowing for the exchange of ideas and feedback.

By providing a copy link option, the OpenRouter 3D Generator simplifies the process of sharing model files with others.The platform's active presence on Product Hunt highlights the tool's commitment to continued improvement and development.

As users, you can contribute to the growth of the OpenRouter 3D Generator by offering your support on Product Hunt.Overall, the OpenRouter 3D Generator is a valuable resource for developers and AI enthusiasts seeking to incorporate visually appealing 3D models into their AI projects.

Its efficient generation process and user-friendly features make it a viable choice for those looking to enhance their AI projects with 3D assets.


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OpenRouter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality 3D models
Uses shap-e technology
Download or share models
Diverse pre-generated 3D assets
Integration with GitHub
Integration with Twitter
Exchange of ideas facilitated
Collaboration among users
Ease of sharing models
Active presence on Product Hunt
Potential for user contributions
Efficient generation process
User-friendly interface
Visually appealing 3D models
Unique link feature
Theme toggle option


Limited personalization tools
No offline usage
Requires GitHub/Twitter for sharing
Lacks detailed modeling options
Undefined shap-e technology
No platform independent sharing
Limited pre-generated 3D assets
No mention of version control
Dependent on external support
No API integration


What is the OpenRouter 3D Generator?
How does OpenRouter 3D Generator create 3D models?
What is the technology called shap-e used in the OpenRouter 3D Generator?
How can I download or share the models I create with the OpenRouter 3D Generator?
How user-friendly is the OpenRouter 3D Generator interface?
What variety do the pre-generated 3D assets on OpenRouter 3D Generator offer?
How does the OpenRouter 3D Generator integrate with GitHub?
Can I share my OpenRouter 3D Generator models on Twitter?
How does the copy link option of OpenRouter 3D Generator simplify sharing?
What does OpenRouter 3D Generator's presence on Product Hunt indicate?
How can I contribute to the growth of the OpenRouter 3D Generator?
Why is OpenRouter 3D Generator valuable for developers and AI enthusiasts?
How efficient is OpenRouter 3D Generator's model generation process?
How does OpenRouter 3D Generator help enhance AI projects with 3D assets?
How can I browse creations on OpenRouter 3D Generator?
Can I connect OpenRouter in some way?
How to support OpenRouter 3D Generator on Product hunt?
How can I generate a model using OpenRouter 3D Generator?
What is the quality level of models produced by OpenRouter 3D Generator?
What is the 'Toggle theme' feature on the OpenRouter 3D Generator?


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