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3D models and textures for creators.
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3Dpresso is a web-based platform that allows creators to extract 3D models by capturing a 1-2 minute video of an object and uploading it to the platform.

The AI technology then extracts a 3D model of the object which can be viewed on the “My Models” page and downloaded in *.glb format. The platform also features an AI Texture function that applies multiple textures to a single model to create unique variations.

Creators can change the texture of the 3D model by using text via generative AI prompts. The 3Dpresso capturing app, though optional, is recommended as it is more user-friendly, intuitive and powerful, allowing creators to capture more lifelike 3D models with ease.

Users can access video capturing guide, FAQ, and creator tutorials on the platform. There is also a Discord community where creators can connect and chat with others, share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

The service is provided by RECON Labs, and models of commercial products must never be used to manufacture the products themselves under any circumstances.

The platform sends an email notification when the 3D model is available for download, which normally takes 30 minutes, depending on the video quality.

Overall, 3Dpresso offers a convenient and accessible solution for creating 3D content using AI technology, without requiring advanced technical skills.


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Oct 16, 2023
This is awesome!
Jun 8, 2023
It also includes features for texturing and creating 3D shapes from prompts and sketches. I highly recommend you give it a try!

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Pros and Cons


Web-based platform
Extracts 3D models from videos
Download models in *.glb format
Texture customisation via text prompts
Optional capturing app available
Easy-to-use capturing app
Access to video capturing guide
FAQ available on platform
Includes creator tutorials
Discord community for users
Email notification for model availability
Doesn't require advanced technical skills
Featured models showcased
Platform by reputable RECON Labs
RGDZ, OBJ, FBX support coming
3D model extraction service
Model creation from 1-2 minute video
Multiple textures on single model
Commercial use guidelines provided
User-friendly capturing app
Intuitive and powerful capturing app


Web-based interface only
Limited file download format
Email notification delay
Texture change limitations
No direct implementations
Not suitable for manufacturing
Depends on video quality
Limited during early access
Lack of mobile application
Creates only static models

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