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Transforming natural language to 3D world creation.
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Hiber3D is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence for 3D world creation using natural language processing. Users are offered the capability to construct interactive 3D worlds and publish them on the web with ease through the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK).

The goal of Hiber3D is to expedite the adoption of 3D web technologies, thereby enabling users to create and share their own digital spaces in a more immersive format.

The tool is currently on a stage where interested parties can sign up for a waitlist to test out the generative AI capabilities it has to offer. Additional resources, such as documentation for the use of HDK, are available for users to learn how to maximize their experience with the platform.


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Hiber3D was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


3D world creation
Natural language processing
Interactive 3D worlds
Web publishing capability
Hiber3D Development Kit
Expedited adoption of 3D web
Creation of digital spaces
Immersion in digital spaces
Ability to share creations
Sign up for waitlist
Available learning resources
Development environment for easy building
Transforming language to 3D worlds
Better personalization with cookie data
Freedom to create own spaces
Ease of use with HDK
Feature to publish directly to web
Encourages immersive technology development


Waitlist required
Limited learning resources
Dependent on HDK
No specific URL for HDK
Lacks explicit user personalization
No offline support mentioned
No stated multiplatform compatibility
No community support indicated
No API info


What is Hiber3D?
How does Hiber3D use AI in 3D world creation?
What is Hiber3D Development Kit?
How can I create and publish interactive 3D worlds with Hiber3D?
What is the aim of Hiber3D?
How can you transform natural language into 3D world creation with Hiber3D?
How can I test out Hiber3D's generative AI capabilities?
What learning resources are available for Hiber3D?
What is the sign up process for the Hiber3D waitlist?
What is the role of Hiber3D in accelerating the adoption of 3D web technologies?
How can Hiber3D enhance my digital content creation experience?
What are some of the key features of Hiber3D?
Are there tutorials or guidance available on how to use the Hiber3D Development Kit?
What does it mean that Hiber3D is AI-driven?
Does Hiber3D support web publishing of 3D world creations?
Is Hiber3D suitable for non-developers?
What are the privacy policies of Hiber3D?
Do I need to accept cookies to use Hiber3D?
Are there any partnerships Hiber3D is involved in that could impact my use of it?
How can I get updates about Hiber3D?


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