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Dream3D is an AI-based tool that allows users to easily create and render 3D scenes, even without any prior experience in computer graphics. The company behind this tool is based in Brooklyn, NY, and is dedicated to creating creative tools for 3D.

Dream3D combines intuitive interfaces with machine intelligence, making it easy for anyone to create studio-quality computer graphics. The founders of Dream3D are Tony Francis and Justin Woodbridge.

Tony Francis, who serves as the co-founder and CEO, was previously involved in co-founding Inokyo. Justin Woodbridge, the other co-founder, previously co-founded Bayes.

Dream3D is currently in beta, and users can join their Discord group to learn more about the product and provide feedback. Dream3D's AI-powered features enable quick and seamless rendering of high-quality 3D visuals.

While the company's website does not provide detailed information on the specific capabilities of the tool, it emphasizes its ease of use and its focus on creative expression.

Dream3D appears to be aimed at artists, designers, and other creatives who are interested in exploring 3D graphics as a medium for their work. Overall, Dream3D is a promising solution for those looking for an intuitive and AI-powered tool to create stunning 3D visuals.


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Pros and Cons


Easy 3D creation
Intuitive interfaces
Creates studio-quality graphics
Useful for creatives
Can join beta
Discord group for feedback
Quick rendering
Seamless rendering
Non-expert friendly
High-quality 3D visuals
Visual exploration tool
Aims at artists, designers
Company has established founders


In Beta stage
Limited information available
Possibly lacks advanced features
No API mentioned
Support only through Discord
Targeted towards creatives only
Unknown cost
Limited company background
No MacOS or Linux support mentioned
No mention of user accessibility features


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Does Dream3D offer any tutorials or guides for beginners?
What kind of actions can Dream3D's AI-powered features perform?
What does it mean when Dream3D focuses on 'creative expression'?
Who are Dream3D's main target users?
Is Dream3D currently in beta and how can I join the beta program?
Where is Dream3D based?
What previous companies have the founders of Dream3D been involved with?
Where can I find more information about Dream3D or provide my feedback?
Does Dream3D provide detailed information about its specific capabilities somewhere?
How user-friendly is Dream3D considered to be?
Can I make studio-quality computer graphics with Dream3D?
What are some examples of the 3D graphics I can create using Dream3D?
Is there a community forum for Dream3D that I can join?
What makes Dream3D different from other 3D image generation tools on the market?
Do the co-founders of Dream3D have a background in AI or 3D graphics creation?


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