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Web 3D design & persona creation platform.
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Herewe Studio is a web-based 3D modeling tool designed to simplify the creation of immersive 3D worlds and avatars. Built with Framer technology, this tool offers an easy-to-use interface and utilizes the User & Herewe 3D asset ecosystem, allowing users to place objects in pre-existing spatial templates.One of the key features of Herewe Studio is its advanced 3D render engine, which eliminates the need for heavy rendering engines to achieve high-quality and immersive metaverse experiences on the web.

This enables users to create and visualize 3D environments with ease.Additionally, Herewe Studio provides a comprehensive library of 3D assets and a powerful text-to-3D AI feature.

This allows users to design spatial layouts and avatars using generative AI technology.The tool also supports the integration of 3rd party extensions, allowing users to enhance their creations with additional functionalities.

Downloading and implementing these extensions is straightforward, empowering users to customize and upgrade their experiences with various content in a matter of minutes.Herewe Studio offers a range of utility features, such as Netflix and YouTube integration for discovering and watching video content, Spotify for music streaming, and Tetris for gaming.With Herewe Studio's metaverse app builder, users can effortlessly combine 3D assets and 3rd party extensions to build their own metaverse applications.This tool is available for purchase with a one-time payment, and a Pro access option is available for 3D designers and developers.

Additionally, users can leverage an AI assistant for space and avatar creation, with unlimited access to 3D assets and modules. For further information or support, users can contact the Herewe team via email.


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Pros and Cons


Built with Framer technology
User-friendly interface
Incorporates User & Herewe 3D ecosystem
Placement of objects in existing spatial templates
Advanced web 3D render engine
Doesn't require heavy rendering engines
High-quality metaverse experiences
Comprehensive library of 3D assets
Integration of 3rd party extensions
Ease of extension implementation
Utility features inclusion
Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Tetris integration
Metaverse app builder
One-time payment option
Pro access for 3D designers
Unlimited access to 3D assets
Unlimited access to modules
Support via email
Also for avatar creation
Offers various content upgrades
Seamless combination of 3D assets
Easy-to-use modeling studio
Personalized 3D world builder


One-time payment may deter users
Limited sales for Pro Access
Support only via email
No mobile application mentioned
Limited 3D asset library
Dependence on 3rd party extensions
May not support all streaming/gaming services
Advanced features require technical skill
No free trial offered


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