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Automated creation of 3D models from images.
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Kaedim is a 3D modeling tool that enables users to generate production-ready 3D models from basic images in minutes. By utilizing advanced AI and machine learning technology, Kaedim is able to automatically generate detailed 3D models with textured and colored surfaces.

With no prior 3D modeling experience needed, users can benefit from the time-saving benefits of Kaedim’s technology, allowing them to create stunning 3D art with nothing more than an image.

Kaedim is used by some of the world's leading game studios such as Aardman Animations, Rebellion, Melcher, Talewind, The Sandbox and Mobile Pie. With Kaedim, users can create any 3D model imaginable, from simple objects to complex designs, in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional modeling tools.

Kaedim also offers plugins to integrate with popular modeling tools, allowing users to further refine their models. Kaedim is backed by industry leaders such as Nvidia Inception, Epic MegaGrants, Creative Destruction Lab, The Sandbox, Roblox and Valve.


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Nov 1, 2023
This is a scam. It is not Ai. Sweatshop for 3D, to work 15 mins on each image.
Sep 4, 2023
Is fake, just have a lot of underpayed artist doing cheap characters
Aug 24, 2023
No easy way to test the service for free...

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Kaedim was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 8th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


2D to 3D conversion
Automated 3D model creation
Detailed 3D modeling
No prior experience needed
Time-saving technology
Used by leading game studios
Creates complex designs
Plugins integration
Backed by industry leaders
Automatic texturing
Quick model generation
Production-ready models
No intensive modeling required
Multiple export options
Generated millions of models
3D from any image
Endless design possibilities


Limited texturing capabilities
Dependent on initial image quality
Limited to model refinement
Limited plugin compatibility
Limited control over model generation
Potential quality inconsistencies
Lacks advanced editing features
No multi-user collaboration
Learning curve for plugins


What is Kaedim?
How does Kaedim convert 2D images to 3D models?
What technology does Kaedim use to generate 3D models?
Can I use Kaedim without prior 3D modeling experience?
Which game studios use Kaedim?
What types of 3D models can I create with Kaedim?
Are there any plugins that Kaedim can integrate with?
Who are the investors backing Kaedim?
How does Kaedim automatically texture my 3D models?
How does Kaedim save time in the modeling process?
Do I need any artwork to use Kaedim?
How can I get started with using Kaedim?
How can I integrate Kaedim with my favorite modeling tools?
Is Kaedim's 3D modeling process automated?
How efficient is Kaedim in creating 3D models?
What are the testimonials of users that have used Kaedim?
Can I trial Kaedim before subscribing?
Does Kaedim only convert images to 3D models, or does it have more functionality?
Who are the intended users for Kaedim?
How does Kaedim add texture and coloring to the 3D models?


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