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Versatile design with 3D elements and prompts.
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Pixcap is a graphic design tool that combines 3D elements and AI to offer unlimited design variations. With a library of over 10,000 3D elements, users can mix and match these elements to create their designs.

The tool then uses AI prompts to help users customize colors, orientation, and styling to achieve their desired look. Pixcap is designed to be user-friendly and does not require complex hardware or specific 3D design skills.Pixcap is suitable for both marketers and designers, catering to all skill levels.

It offers AI-generated variations that can enhance the visual impact of designs. Users can explore designs generated by Pixcap, including both AI and pure 3D renders, and can download them in PSD and SVG formats.The tool also provides pre-packaged content to kickstart users' 3D and AI journey, making it easier to find suitable 3D elements and create limitless variations with AI.Pixcap offers a Pro version that unlocks additional features such as access to all 10,000+ 3D elements, larger AI credits, 4K raytraced rendering, and 3D model downloads.The community feature allows users to share their creations, connect with other designers, and receive feedback.Users have praised Pixcap for its ease of use, intuitive interface, and the ability to quickly generate personalized designs.

It has been particularly valuable for marketing designers who need to create a large number of design assets in a short time.Overall, Pixcap is a powerful and user-friendly graphic design tool that combines 3D elements and AI to offer a wide range of design possibilities for both marketers and designers.


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Pros and Cons


Versatile design with 3D
Over 10,000 3D elements
Customizable colors and styling
User-friendly interface
No specific 3D skills needed
Suitable for marketers and designers
PSD and SVG download formats
Pre-packaged content
Pro version features
Community connectivity
Feedback sharing
Easy and quick design generation
Large number of design assets
Downloadable 3D models
4K raytraced rendering
User testimonials support
No complex hardware
Hand-crafted packs
Mix-n-match 3D elements
Orientation customization
Visual impact of designs
Free to try
Limitless design variations
Editing templates
All skill levels catering
Specific project designs
Branding concepts visualization
Quick image elements generation
Drag-n-drop feature
Variety of elements
High quality 3D elements
Interface is very intuitive
Lots of customizable templates
Export creations to other tools
Mix and match 3D models
Elevated design work
Privacy policy transparency


No offline version
Limited 3D elements
Requires Pro for full features
No Linux support
No API mentioned
No self-hosting
Closed source tool
Cannot import 3D models
No collaboration features mentioned


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Does Pixcap require any specific 3D design skills?
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What does the AI in Pixcap do?
Can I share my creations with others in Pixcap?
What additional features does Pixcap Pro offer?
What is the community feature in Pixcap?
How does Pixcap help marketing designers?
Why is Pixcap considered user-friendly?
Can I use Pixcap to generate variations of my designs?
What are AI prompts in Pixcap?
What is the role of AI in Pixcap?
How can Pixcap enhance the visual impact of my designs?
How can Pixcap make my design process faster?
What are the styles I can use in Pixcap?
Is Pixcap suitable for all skill levels?
Can Pixcap help me create unlimited design variations?

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