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ByXiaoxiao Cheng
Expert in book cover & bookmark design
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to assist with your book cover and bookmark design projects!
Sample prompts:
Suggest a book cover design
Design a bookmark idea
Advise on book cover layout
Help with bookmark color scheme
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Ai 360 is a GPT that specializes in the design of book covers and bookmarks. Conceived by Xiaoxiao Cheng, this AI tool utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to help users with their book design projects.

From suggesting unique book cover designs to advising on optimal layouts and color schemes, it assists users with varied design-related needs. It also helps generate innovative bookmark design concepts.

The AI-based tool is primarily designed to streamline the design process and foster creativity by offering inspirations and advice based on prompts from the users.

As a GPT, it's not just an automated software but a creative companion that allows interaction and collaboration to achieve tailored design outcomes. Sign up is required to get started.

Users engaging with this tool should note that it requires ChatGPT Plus, implying the necessity for a subscription to access the full features of this GPT.

With a welcoming message 'Hello, ready to assist with your book cover and bookmark design projects!', it ensures a user-friendly, service-oriented approach focusing on client needs and preferences.

To sum up, Ai 360 represents a fascinating blending of AI technology and graphic design, enabling users to explore innovative designs with expert guidance and intuitive interaction.


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