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Spawn Friendtech-like graphics with ease!
Sample prompts:
A loaf of bread fighting a turtle
Digital numbers on a score card called "points"
Dark mode
Sybil/robot accounts amongst real users
Generated by ChatGPT

ftGPT is a GPT designed to generate Friendtech-like graphics with convenience and facility. Its primary function revolves around spawning graphics that mimic the style and quality of Friendtech, a well-known platform in technology and graphic design.

Given the certain prompt starters available such as 'A loaf of bread fighting a turtle', 'Digital numbers on a score card called "points"', 'Dark mode', and 'Sybil/robot accounts amongst real users', the GPT can create diverse and creative graphic images.

These prompts are thoughtfully designed to instigate the necessary creativity and inspiration needed for graphic spawning. As a standalone GPT, ftGPT operates through the use of the ChatGPT platform and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access.

Therefore, users must sign up and subscribe to ChatGPT Plus in order to utilize ftGPT. Created by a community builder, this tool can be a resourceful asset for individuals seeking to create unique, Friendtech-like graphics with minimal hassle.

Its user-friendly interface and prompt-driven operational method make the experience less complicated for both experienced users and newcomers in the graphic design arena.


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