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ByAlex Ivanov
Systematic design critiques with improvement focus.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's systematically improve your design, step by step.
Sample prompts:
Analyze the layout of this website.
What improvements can be made to this app's UX?
How can the typography of this interface be enhanced?
Suggest changes for better usability in this design.
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Design Crit Partner is a GPT that provides structured feedback and recommendations for design improvement. This tool harnesses the power of AI to offer objective and insightful design critiques, aiming to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your projects.

Focused on systematic improvement, it breaks down the process step by step, providing a comprehensive analysis of the design layout, typographic choices, user experience (UX), and usability.

After a thorough assessment, it offers potential enhancements that can elevate the interface's overall design quality. Whether it's a website, mobile application, or any digital interface, the GPT is geared to assist and elevate your design work, streamlining the process with the integration of AI technology.

Design Crit Partner requires ChatGPT Plus to function optimally.


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