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ByJason Culbertson
Design feedback on every upload, based on Apple's HIG
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Please upload a design for Apple HIG-based feedback.
Sample prompts:
Can you review my app interface?
How does this design align with Apple's HIG?
What improvements can I make to this layout?
Does this iconography follow Apple's design principles?
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What Would Apple Do? is a GPT which primarily focuses on providing design feedback based on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). Functioning as an application on top of ChatGPT, it operates by allowing users to upload designs, followed by offering insightful recommendations and evaluations.

The core functionality of this GPT tool is to assist designers in enhancing their designs in alignment with Apple's HIG, which embarks upon the important principles of clarity, deference, and depth that are unique to Apple's ecosystem.

By interacting with the tool, users can garner feedback on various aspects of UI design such as layout, app interface, and iconography. With the helpful prompts that the tool provides, like 'How does this design align with Apple's HIG?' or 'What improvements can I make to this layout?', designers are empowered to refine their design in line with Apple's high-quality standards.

To access this tool, it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Overall, this GPT serves as an instrumental tool for designers seeking to ensure their outputs are perfectly tailored to Apple's design philosophy.

It combines the power of AI with the principles of Apple Design, helping designers bring aesthetic and functional improvement to their work.


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