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Hacker News submission feedback preview
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The Fake Hacker News tool allows users to preview how readers may respond to their submissions on the popular forum, Hacker News. By doing a test run of their post, users can gauge the potential reception and feedback from the community before actually submitting it.

While the tool does not provide exact numbers or specific metrics, it offers a valuable way for users to understand how their post might fare among readers.

The preview feature enables users to gain insights into the potential engagement and response their submission may receive.In addition, the developers of the tool mention plans to incorporate URL support in the near future, indicating a forthcoming enhancement to facilitate the inclusion of web links within the test run.The Fake Hacker News tool was created by Justin and Michael, who can be reached through their respective Twitter profiles.

The inclusion of their Twitter handles allows users to reach out to the creators directly for any further inquiries or support related to the tool.Overall, this tool provides a practical way for users to assess the reception of their hacker news submissions before publishing them.

Its focus on feedback preview rather than specific analytics makes it a useful asset for those seeking to optimize their engagement on Hacker News.


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Fakehn was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


HackerNews post test run
Predicts potential community reception
Insight into engagement potential
No requirement for actual submission
URL support coming soon
Direct creator contact
User-friendly interface
Practical hacker news assessment
No need for analytics knowledge
Built by credible creators
Progressive feature enhancements


No exact metrics provided
URL support not current
Dependent on community response
Operates on estimations
No specific analytics
Doesn't support web links
Reliant on developer support
No real-time testing
Support via Twitter only
No feature for personalized feedback


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