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Automated tests streamline software testing.
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Supertest is an AI tool designed to assist software testing and QA engineers in automating their testing processes. With Supertest, users no longer need to spend extensive time writing unit tests manually.

This cutting-edge AI-powered tool revolutionizes software testing by generating React unit tests in seconds.Supertest seamlessly integrates with the popular code editor, Visual Studio Code (VS Code).

Users can install the Supertest VS Code extension and conveniently create unit tests with a single click. The tool offers the capability to auto-add test IDs, eliminating the need for manual assignment.

By right-clicking in a file and selecting "Add test ids" or using the keybinding cmd⌘+u cmd⌘+i, QA engineers can effortlessly incorporate test IDs into their workflow.Generating unit tests is simplified with Supertest.

Users can right-click in a file and select "Generate unit test" or use the keybinding cmd⌘+u cmd⌘+t, resulting in the creation of a new file containing the generated unit test.Supertest has received positive feedback from users, with testimonials highlighting its time-saving benefits and game-changing impact on development teams.The tool offers different pricing plans, including a free option with limited credits, as well as Plus and Pro plans, which provide increased test quotas and unlimited test history.

Users can try Supertest for free with the initial credits to evaluate its effectiveness in improving their development workflow.Support is readily accessible through email for any inquiries, technical issues, or assistance.Overall, Supertest is an innovative AI copilot that streamlines software testing processes, particularly for QA engineers, by automating the creation of unit tests.


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Supertest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 25th 2023.
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