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Generates thoughtful test cases for code.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI Autopilot tool that has been designed to help developers add 100% test coverage to their codebase in minutes. It integrates as a package with your Flutter codebase and generates test cases as you write code.

This ensures stable Welltested PRs and well-tested apps for your users. The AI tool works alongside developers and generates thoughtful test cases for your code.

You don't have to shift between IDEs to generate tests or mark any class that you want to test with @Welltested annotation as the tests are generated automatically.

It generates meaningful test cases, which simulate a wide range of input conditions, edge cases, and user interactions to ensure the code behaves as expected under every possible condition.

The AI system is designed to learn from its mistakes, and developers can save the final test back to the system. If any syntax issues or errors occur in the generated tests, the necessary fixes can be made and saved, and the AI will analyze these changes and learn from them, preventing the same mistakes from happening enables early detection and prevention of over 10 different kinds of bugs, such as logic errors, state management issues, and validation errors, resulting in enhanced code quality.

It promotes well-structured, readable and maintainable code that follows best programming practices such as SOLID principles. Ensuring code changes pass all unit tests helps maintain the stability of existing features, which reduces the risk of regressions. supports all kinds of architectures like MVVM, Clean architecture and state management solutions as long as the basic testability principles are followed.

The tool offers a free plan for personal projects and trying their testing AI, while for production projects and growing startups, they have premium plans with the best quality unit tests, code architecture tips, priority support, and fully private data.


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Welltested was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates thoughtful test cases
Integrates with Flutter codebase
Generates test cases automatically
Can simulate wide range of input conditions
Simulates user interactions
Can simulate edge cases
Detects and prevents various bugs
Enhances code quality
Promotes well-structured, readable code
Promotes maintainable code
Supports best programming practices
Supports all kinds of architecture
Supports a variety of state management solutions
Free plan available
Premium plans for production projects
Offers code architecture tips
Provides priority support
Guarantees fully private data
Maintains test coverage
Helps in early bug detection
Helps in reducing debug time
Helps in stress-free deployment
Supports various state management solutions
Can be used for testability assessment
Supports MVVM architecture
Supports Clean architecture
60 days money-back guarantee
Allows up to 25 projects for enterprise plans
Offers dedicated testing expert for enterprises
Complete data protection for enterprises
No credit card required for free plan
Supports Dart language
Supports Bloc


Limited to Flutter codebase
Not fully autonomous
Tests generated may have errors
Free plan uses tests data
Premium plans can be expensive
Confined to dependency
Supports limited number of projects
Requires manual class marking for testing
Limited to certain code architectures
Requires specific testability principles adherence


What is
How can help in my coding process?
How does generate test cases?
How does promote well-structured, readable and maintainable code?
How much test coverage does provide?
How does integrate with my Flutter codebase?
Can I save my final tests back to
How does learn from its mistakes?
In what way does prevent bugs?
What type of bugs can help in preventing?
How does support different architectures like MVVM and Clean Architecture?
Does offer a free plan?
What's included in's premium plans?
How can enhance my code quality?
What is the Welltested annotation used for in my codebase?
How does support state management solutions?
What role does play in maintaining the stability of existing features in my codebase?
Do I need to shift between IDEs to generate tests with
Can help me in maintaining a streamlined development process?
How can help in deploying stress-free code changes?


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