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The first QA AI agent for engineering teams.
Generated by ChatGPT is a Quality Assurance (QA) Artificial Intelligence agent specifically designed for engineering teams. It expands the scope of standard testing methodologies by complimenting them with AI-driven capabilities.

It integrates directly with GitHub, simplifying the test processes for developers. Its main functionality is effectively running tests replacing the need for writing automated test scripts or performing time-consuming manual testing.

When TestDriver is added to a GitHub repository, developers can trigger it to create a virtual environment, clone the project code and commence testing, simply by tagging the AI with '@TESTDRIVERAI' within a pull request or utilizing the dedicated GitHub Action.

It facilitates end-to-end exploratory testing, where the AI performs detailed investigations on the application. The tool also allows developers to understand the testing process by giving them the ability to view the screen, logs, and decision-making process of the AI during the test.

The AI's functionality and decision-making process is powered by It aims to provide an efficient solution, giving developers more time to focus on coding and less on the testing process.


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Apr 5, 2024
It has some attractive features, i'm curious on how it recognizes failed tests, or how well does it do with frontend issues, compared to backend ones.

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Testdriver was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Specifically designed for engineers
Expands standard testing methodologies
GitHub integration
Replaces automated test scripts
Eliminates time-consuming manual testing
Creates virtual environments
Clones project code
Facilitates end-to-end testing
Performs exploratory testing
Allows developers to view testing
Screen logs access
Powered by
Efficiency focused
Increases coding focus
Minimizes testing efforts
Can test anything
Set up in minutes
Clear debugging
Test runs visibility
Suitable for any codebase
Secure testing process


Only integrates with GitHub
Dependent on
Doesn't write automated tests
Limited to end-to-end testing
No multi-platform support
Limited customization on tests
Specific to engineering teams
No manual testing option
No information about security


What specific types of tests can run?
What is the process of integrating with GitHub?
What is end-to-end exploratory testing in
How does tagging '@TESTDRIVERAI' in a pull request trigger
Can be set to run tests automatically?
What are the AI-driven capabilities of
How does replace the need for manual testing?
What is the role of in powering functionality?
How can developers view the decision-making process of during a test?
How does expand the standard testing methodologies of engineering teams?
In what ways does simplify the test processes for developers?
Can generate testing reports?
What is the process for adding to a GitHub repository?
What kind of virtual environment does create for testing?
What efficiencies does bring into the testing process?
How does handle code cloning for testing?
What are the limitations, if any, of in the scope of testing?
Can integrate with other version control platforms apart from GitHub?
What kind of support exists for troubleshooting or escalating issues within
Can customize the tests based on specific project requirements?

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