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Automate web testing with visual regression detection.
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Reflect is an automated web testing platform that aims to simplify and optimize the end-to-end testing process. Reflect boasts new AI features which assist in creating maintainable tests that improve test coverage and identify more bugs without disrupting the development cycle.

With its no-code architecture, Reflect enables the creation of end-to-end test suites that can be executed up to ten times faster than code-based regression software.

Reflect's visual testing feature is designed to help detect and fix visual regressions before they are released to users. With its built-in scheduler and integration with different CI/CD solutions, Reflect makes it easy to execute end-to-end tests automatically on any deployment.

This saves users time, effort and ensures end-to-end test coverage with every release. Reflect supports virtually any web action, including file uploads, drag-and-drop, and iframes, making it an accurate and resilient test automation tool.

Furthermore, Reflect runs tests fast, parallelizes them, and all plans come with unlimited test runs, which means that users can run as many tests as they want, as often as they'd like without worrying about limitations in their plan.

Reflect is trusted by many companies to help increase software quality, and it caters to a wide range of users, from developers to product experts and QA testers.


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Pros and Cons


Automated web testing
Visual regression detection
Increased test coverage
Maintainable test creation
No-code architecture
Faster test execution
Built-in scheduler
CI/CD solutions integration
Supports any web action
Handles file uploads
Drag-and-drop feature
Supports iframes
Fast parallelized tests
Unlimited test runs
Suitable for developers
Useful for product experts
Quick execution for QA testers
Easy test creation
Visual testing features
End-to-end test coverage
Reliable deployment testing
Jenkins and CircleCI compatibility
Accurate test automation
Resilient to change
Supports scriptless web testing
Reflect plans include parallelism
Large test suites handling
No limitations on test frequency
Efficient development process
Robust end-to-end tests
Catches UI bugs
Accurately replicates user actions


No-code architecture limits customization
Limited to web testing
No local testing
Limited CI/CD integrations
Features focused on visual testing
No mobile app testing capability
Parallel test runs limited
Interface mainly browser based
File uploads may be complex
Only supports end-to-end tests


What is
How does assist in creating maintainable tests?
What is the advantage of's no-code architecture?
How can improve test coverage?
How does Reflect's visual regression detection feature work?
What CI/CD solutions can integrate with?
What web actions does support?
What is the speed of Reflect's test execution?
Does have any limitations on the number of test runs?
Who are the target users of
What is's new AI testing feature?
How does automate web testing?
How does help in cross-browser testing?
How is able to execute test suites faster than code-based regression software?
What type of support does offer for visual testing?
Can handle complex web actions such as file uploads, drag-and-drop, and iframes?
How does the built-in scheduler in work?
How can help increase software quality?
What is the process of creating tests in
Does have a feature for executing end-to-end tests automatically on any deployment?

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