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Optimize testing and enhance coverage for developers.
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Keploy is an open source API test case and data mock generation tool specifically designed for developers to facilitate end-to-end testing. It enables developers to achieve 90% test coverage within minutes by leveraging artificial intelligence.

By converting user-traffic into test cases and data stubs, Keploy simplifies the testing process and ensures that the generated tests are effective. The tool addresses common challenges in software development such as manual test writing, inefficient code paths, dependency chaos, and difficulty in reproducing production issues for testing and debugging purposes.

With Keploy, developers can capture network interactions, automate scenarios, and seamlessly integrate the tool into their workflows, resulting in accelerated development processes.

It offers features like test and stub generation, test deduplication, and native integration, enhancing collaboration and providing security and administrative features suitable for team environments.

Keploy has gained trust and recognition from notable companies such as Pixis, Instaastro, Amazon, Reliance, Whatfix, Lambdatest, Leadsquare, and Edureka.

It also boasts a supportive community, with active presence on platforms like Twitter, GitHub, Slack, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Technical support is offered by the Keploy team.

Developers have the opportunity to challenge Keploy's test coverage capabilities by sharing the dependencies of their applications, and if Keploy can generate API tests for them, they can keep the tests or receive a $100 reward if the tool cannot deliver.

Overall, Keploy empowers developers by streamlining testing processes and improving test coverage.


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