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AI for autonomously writing Java unit tests
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Diffblue Cover is a tool that leverages autonomous AI to automate unit testing, specifically for Java development teams. This tool is designed to enhance productivity by writing unit tests fully autonomously, freeing developers to focus on more creative tasks.

It's capable of writing tests for large legacy codebases and can also assist in identifying untestable code that needs to be refactored. Additionally, the tool supports the transition of migrating an application to the cloud by ensuring the code to be migrated is thoroughly tested.

Through its risk reporting dashboard, Diffblue Cover seeks to make agile planning more effective. Its AI-powered platform eliminates the repetitive and tedious task of writing and maintaining unit tests, thus allowing developers to concentrate on writing quality code.

Furthermore, the software supports the goal of achieving continuous integration and it can autonomously maintain the test suite as the code is refactored and updated.

The objective is to increase the deployment frequency and improve the software delivery process, while also reducing any potential risk associated with application modernization.


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Diffblue Cover was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates unit testing
Focuses on Java
Increases developer productivity
Supports large legacy codebases
Identifies untestable code
Assists in cloud migration
Offers risk reporting dashboard
Enhances agile planning
Eliminates routine of test maintenance
Supports continuous integration
Maintains test suite autonomously
Aims to increase deployment frequency
Improves software delivery process
Reduces risk in application modernization
Writes a test every 2 seconds
Integrates with CI pipelines
Helps understand legacy code behaviour
Facilitates application modernization
Helps meet coverage targets
Makes unit testing scalable
Frees up developer time


Only supports Java
Doesn't test UI
Limited integration options
Lack of multi-platform support
Auto-generated tests repo management
No version history management
No support for other languages
Limited support for legacy codebases
Lack of real-time reporting
No assistance for writing tests manually


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What is the function of the risk reporting dashboard in Diffblue Cover?
How does Diffblue Cover enhance developer productivity?
Can Diffblue Cover maintain the test suite autonomously?
Does Diffblue Cover support the process of continuous integration?
How does Diffblue Cover help to reduce risks associated with application modernization?
How does Diffblue Cover integrate within software delivery process?
How can Diffblue Cover speed up software delivery?
How is agile planning made more effective with Diffblue Cover?
Can Diffblue Cover help in achieving coverage targets during unit testing?
What benefits does Diffblue Cover offer during code refactoring?
How does Diffblue Cover assist in translating code into Java?
How does Diffblue Cover assist in application modernization?
How does Diffblue Cover help in reducing lead time for changes in development?
How does Diffblue Cover increase deployment frequency of applications?

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