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Web app testing automated for startups.
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Webo.Ai is a test automation platform designed to address the testing challenges faced by startups. It offers a faster, smarter, and more affordable way to test web applications.

With Webo.Ai, startups can automate their testing process, saving time and resources. It helps reduce the time to market by 80%, decrease production defects by 73%, and lower QA costs by 69%.The platform provides a free trial, allowing users to experience its AI-powered testing capabilities before committing.

During the trial, users can set up their testing environment within two minutes and receive test cases generated by the AI engine within 24 hours. The automation-ready feature enables test automation for regression testing after 24 hours of test case review and approval.Webo.Ai's key features of the free trial include rapid setup, AI test case generation within 24 hours, unlimited regression testing, and self-healing capabilities.

The trial has a test case limit of 100 and a validity period of 60 days. Technical support is available via email.Webomates, the provider of Webo.Ai, offers cloud-based Testing as a Service (TaaS) to software companies.

Their services are augmented with artificial intelligence, offering features such as automated test case generation, test suite execution, and test maintenance with AiHealing.

The platform also includes a centralized dashboard for comprehensive analysis and reporting of testing results.Overall, Webo.Ai provides startups with an efficient and cost-effective solution for web application testing, allowing them to fast-track their products to market.


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Apr 2, 2024
Onboarding was vey easy, I just gave my platform link. Test Strategy and Test cases were automatically generated and I could see the defects. Very easy to use and very useful too

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Pros and Cons


Specifically designed for startups
Reduces time to market by 80%
Decreases production defects by 73%
Lowers QA costs by 69%
Offers free trial
Rapid setup within 2 minutes
Automates the regression testing
Unlimited regression testing
Self-healing capabilities
Test case limit of 100
Validity period of 60 days
Technical support via email
Cloud-based Testing as a Service
Automated test case generation
Test suite execution
Test maintenance with AiHealing
Centralized dashboard for analysis
Comprehensive reporting of testing results
Cost-effective solution for web application testing
Speeds up product launch


High monthly cost
100 test case limit
Setup only for web applications
Limited to startups
No immediate regression testing
Only email technical support
Free trial has 60 days validity
Limited self-healing capabilities
Single AiHealing cycle per month
No direct integration for DevOps


What is Webo.Ai?
How does Webo.Ai work?
What are the main features of Webo.Ai?
How does Webo.Ai reduce testing time for web applications?
How can Webo.Ai help startups in their testing phase?
What kind of support is available during the Webo.Ai free trial?
How does Webo.Ai's AI-powered testing capabilities work?
What benefits can startups expect from using Webo.Ai?
How does the AI test case generation feature of Webo.Ai function?
What is the test case limit during Webo.Ai's free trial?
How long is the validity period for the free trial on Webo.Ai?
What is the process to set up testing environment on Webo.Ai?
How quickly can the testing process be automated with Webo.Ai?
Can Webo.Ai be used for unlimited regression testing?
What is the cost of using Webo.Ai after the trial period?
What is the 'AiHealing' feature of Webo.Ai?
What type of testing does Webo.Ai specialize in?
What kind of reports does Webo.Ai's dashboard provide?
How can Webo.Ai reduce QA costs for startups?
What is the automated test suite execution in Webo.Ai?


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