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Platform for creating custom business applications.
Generated by ChatGPT is a public beta platform that enables users to quickly and easily create custom business applications. The platform offers a variety of application templates that users can select from, or they can create their own application from scratch.

The templates are simple and intuitive, and they allow users to input the data and information they need to manage their customers, inventory, library, ERP, coffee bar, bike service shop, or scooters rental service.

Once the application is built, will provide users with an AI-generated answer, as well as a link to the app installation. is designed to help users save time and energy by providing an easy-to-use platform for creating custom business applications.


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Pros and Cons


Fast application creation
Variety of application templates
Customizable templates
User-friendly interface
Provides app installation link
Time-saving platform
Allows custom app creation
Template for customer management
Template for inventory management
Template for library management
Template for ERP management
Template for coffee bar management
Template for bike service management
Template for scooter rental management
Manage customers, inventory, ERP


No offline capability
Lack of API integration
Template limitations
No multi-language support
No version control
No collaboration features
Limited customization
No mobile app
Limited app types


What is the main purpose of
What are some of the business applications you can create with
How does work to create these applications?
Can create a custom app from scratch?
How user-friendly is the interface?
Can I input specific data needs into the application templates provided by
Does provide ready-to-use application templates?
How will I receive the output after creating an application using
What type of AI-generated answer does provide?
Does have an installation link for the created app?
What are some examples of the applications created using
Can be used to create a CRM application?
How about creating an inventory system or managing a library with
Can cater to specific business needs like managing a coffee bar or a bike service business?
Can I create an application for managing an electric scooters rental service with
How long does it generally take for to generate the app?
What does ' is in public beta' mean?
What steps do I have to follow to create an app with
How many applications have been created using so far?
What kind of support does provide for its users?

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