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Generates cross-platform apps and games.
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Glowbom is a platform that enables users to create games and apps for popular platforms without coding knowledge. Users can export code as Flutter, Unity, SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, or React, making it easier to create cross-platform apps.

The platform has already been used to create 53 apps, and their combined app revenue is $35,782. Glowbom is actively developing support for more commonly used platforms like Flutter, iOS, Android, and web apps, and also supports native Android, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, React, TypeScript, Redux, Web, Unity iOS, Android, Web, ChatGPT, OpenAI, GPT-4, Agents.

The platform prides itself on allowing users to create amazing apps and games without coding knowledge, making it accessible to individuals who lack coding expertise.

Additionally, they have a library of case studies showcasing their success stories, and users can access their documentation through their website at Gitbook.

Glowbom uses cookies to improve their services, and their terms and pricing can be accessed on their website. Despite being a new player in the market, Glowbom shows promise as a platform that enables non-coders to create cross-platform apps and games easily.


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Apr 26, 2023
It requires users to choose a preset, which is fine, but it won't accept anything I choose.

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Pros and Cons


Generates cross-platform apps
No coding knowledge required
Exports code as Flutter
Exports code as Unity
Exports code as SwiftUI
Exports code as Jetpack Compose
Exports code as React
Supports multiple platforms
Supports native Android
Supports Kotlin
Supports Jetpack Compose
Supports React
Supports TypeScript
Supports Redux
Supports Web apps
Supports Unity for iOS
Supports Unity for Android
Supports Unity for Web
Supports Native iOS
Supports SwiftUI
Supports iPadOS
Supports watchOS
Supports ChatGPT
Supports GPT-4
Supports Agents
Successful case studies
Accessible documentation on Gitbook
Good service improvement
Transparent terms and pricing
Promising new market player
Free start option


Limited customization options
No-code means less control
No mentioned collaboration features
Export limited to mentioned platforms
Possibly high learning curve
Relatively new market player
No offline working capability
Performance Issues on complex apps


What is Glowbom?
How does Glowbom work?
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Is Glowbom good for creating games?
Can I create apps for iOS and Android using Glowbom?
How many apps have been created using Glowbom?
What is the combined revenue of apps built using Glowbom?
How can I get started with Glowbom?
Are there any case studies published by Glowbom?
Does Glowbom provide documentation for users?
Can Glowbom be used to create web apps?
Does Glowbom have a free version?
What are the terms and pricing for Glowbom?
What type of AI integrations does Glowbom support?
What kind of cookies does Glowbom use?
Can I access Glowbom from my web browser?
Is Glowbom capable of creating apps for watchOS?
How can Glowbom help me create Unity games?

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