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Solvable is an AI-powered calculator designed for iPhone users, available exclusively on the App Store. Developed by KonvStack UG, this free app offers in-app purchases for additional features. It caters to diverse computational needs, excelling in scenarios ranging from informal calculations to handling complex tasks.

The application employs artificial intelligence to interpret various tasks, including combining back-of-the-napkin calculations with traditional ones, managing dates and times, interest rate computations, statistical analyses, and parsing and formatting text. Unlike conventional calculators, Solvable uses AI to generate Python code, offering transparency, verifiability, and editability in the calculation process.

The AI-driven approach allows users to leverage the full power of both AI and Python without requiring coding skills. While the AI generates Python code to represent the calculation path, users simply need to read the code, eliminating the need for a technical background. The actual computation is executed by the Python interpreter, ensuring trustworthiness in the final results as long as the calculation path is sound.

Solvable stands out as a versatile tool, empowering users to address a wide range of tasks, whether mathematical or non-mathematical, through the seamless integration of AI and Python functionalities on their iPhones.

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Solvable was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Found on Apple App Store
User review feature
User rating feature
Detailed app comparison
Full iOS compatibility
User decision support
Direct app download
Gives functionality screenshots
User-friendly interface
Leverages Python for calculations
Capable of complex tasks
Offers task transparency
Editable calculation path
No coding knowledge needed
Handles dates and time
Interest rate calculations
Capable of statistical tasks
Parsing and formatting text
Trustable result output
Offers In-App Purchases
Improved time zone support
Size 70.5 MB
Category Productivity
Requires iOS 15.6 or later
Free version available
Solvable Pro for $0.99
Official Support Website
Detailed Privacy Policy


iOS only
Relies on Python interpreter
Requires reading Python code
Offers in-app purchases
Data collection issues
Limited language support
No Android or Windows support
Requires iOS 15.6 or later
Limited user privacy


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Is the Solvable app free or are there any in-app purchases?
What language is the Solvable app available in?
Does Solvable provide customer support?
How does the Solvable app handle user data?
What are the terms of use for Solvable?
Can Solvable be used on iPads and iPods?
Why is Solvable considered a user-friendly app?
Can I compare ratings for different apps with Solvable?
Does Solvable provide interest rate calculations?
Can Solvable process and format text?
Does Solvable offer any additional features aside from reading reviews and comparing ratings?
How does Solvable use AI to solve tasks?
What are the improvements in the latest version of Solvable?

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