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Quality management and testing for diverse applications.
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Katalon is an AI-augmented software quality management platform designed to help teams test and quality assure web, mobile, desktop apps, and APIs. With a choice of tools and modules, it supports the creation of digital products and experiences.

Key features include Test Authoring through Katalon Studio, Test Management with Katalon TestOps, and Test Execution via Katalon Runtime Engine and Katalon TestCloud.

The platform offers robust solutions for end-to-end web automated testing, and REST and GraphQL API testing. Additionally, it can be used for testing across desktop, web, and mobile in a single project.

The platform includes AI-powered testing via TrueTest, encompassing regression testing, and visual UI comparison using AI methods. Flexible and scalable, it provides visibility, supports innovation and AI, and offers a low cost, high ROI.

It also provides reporting and analytics tools. Katalon accommodates a wide range of industries from finance to government, and offers community and technical support.


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