App testing 2017-07-14
Automated platform for stable tests and troubleshooting.
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Testim is an automated testing platform which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide fast authoring of stable tests and tools to scale web and mobile application quality.

Users can create and configure stable tests faster with this platform with the flexibility of customized JavaScript steps. AI-powered smart locators understand the application, lock in elements, and automatically improve to deliver unmatched stability and reduce test maintenance.

Capabilities also include troubleshooting with thorough failure analysis, root cause suggestions, screenshots, and logs for quick resolution. The tool also supports Generative AI to quickly answer user queries.

In addition, Testim offers TestOps services that facilitate controlled changes, easy management of tests and teams, and provides insights about the app's quality and testing focus areas.

Tests can be executed in various testing environments, whether it is parallel cross-browser web tests on Testim's cloud, physical or virtual devices in the cloud, third-party grids, or local devices for mobile tests.

Testim also integrates seamlessly with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes, running tests on code check-ins and end-to-end tests for releases to production.


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Testim was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 3rd 2023.
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