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No-code app creation platform.
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AppAsap is an AI-powered, no-code app development platform that allows users to create applications quickly and easily. The platform offers several features to facilitate app development.

Firstly, the Admin Dashboard enables users to efficiently manage and control various entities within their created applications. With this feature, users can create, read, update, and delete entities as desired.The platform also provides an API layer that allows seamless communication between the frontend and the database.

This layer offers various CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) features, along with functionalities like authentication, roles and permissions, filters, pagination, and selecting.Additionally, AppAsap offers interactive database visualizers that enable users to modify data modules and apply different constraints and types.

These modifications are automatically reflected in the application, providing real-time updates.Furthermore, the platform mentions the upcoming feature of Mobile Application development.

By using AppAsap, users can expect their backend to be created within minutes, and soon they will be able to build their own mobile apps.AppAsap aims to empower users from various backgrounds to innovate with ease.

Whether you are a front-end developer, an entrepreneur with app ideas, or an enterprise in need of scalable apps, AppAsap claims to cater to your needs.For pricing, AppAsap offers a "Professional" plan that includes one live application, an admin dashboard, API access, a database visualizer, source code, custom logic, and more.

They also offer an "Enterprise" plan with unlimited live applications, users, and similar features. Support is available through various channels, including a phone number and a Discord server.


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