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Stores and manages data backend for apps.
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Baseplate is an AI tool that provides a backend for LLM (Language Model) apps, allowing users to embed and store documents, images, and other types of data.

It offers high-performance retrieval workflows, ensuring accurate results regardless of the size, type, or domain of the data being searched. Baseplate simplifies the management of vectors, documents, and other data by offering an easy-to-use UI and API that handle embedding, storage, and version control, ensuring that data is always up-to-date and in sync.

The tool introduces a unified hybrid database that enables users to store all the data in the same table as the images, links, and text that make their LLM App great.

Designed to help teams build AI apps, Baseplate connects to data through an API and UI, making the process of wiring together a backend a simple one. Users can configure hybrid search with custom embeddings tuned for their data, and the tool allows them to prompt any LLM using data from their database.

Baseplate's Multimodal LLM Responses APIs allow users to respond to their users with relevant and reliable thumbnails, links, sources, and more. Baseplate simplifies LLM Ops and helps level up AI products.

The tool offers a free trial period as well as customer support through Discord and Twitter. Baseplate is recommended for data-centric businesses involved in storing and managing a vast amount of documents and data.


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Pros and Cons


High-performance retrieval workflows
Unified hybrid database
Easy management of vectors
API for connecting data
UI for configuring data
Version control feature
Supports text, images, documents
Simplified backend wiring
Hybrid search with custom embeddings
Prompt LLM with database data
Facilitates app deployment
Collects logs, feedback via Endpoints
Vector DB management like spreadsheet
Versioning prevents stale data
Multimodal LLM Responses APIs
Free trial period offered
Customer support via Discord, Twitter
Recommended for data-centric businesses


Requires extensive backend knowledge
Possible over-complication for smaller projects
Limited customer support channels
Specifically designed for LLM apps
No offline mode
Limited UI customization options
Unified database may present data confusion
Potential for stale data issues
May not suit non-data-centric businesses
No explicit support for non-English languages


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