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Simplified team collaboration and flow deployment.
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Aigur is a tool designed to facilitate the use of generative AI for teams. With Aigur, teams can easily build, collaborate on, deploy, and manage their generative AI flows.

To create the AI flows, users can leverage Aigur's NoCode editor, which allows for quick prototyping using predefined templates or starting from scratch.

The process involves dragging and dropping AI blocks and configuring their interactions.Collaboration is made seamless with Aigur's NoCode Editor, providing Figma-like collaboration tools that enable team members to work together on building the flows.

Additionally, users can gather feedback by sharing an automatically created 'mini-app' that executes the flow, allowing for input from both colleagues and external customers.Integration into web or mobile applications is effortless through Aigur's simple API call.

The tool also offers monitoring tools for tracking flow executions, cost, performance, and availability. This allows teams to stay informed and make necessary adjustments.Aigur also provides functionality for managing the health of the flow.

Users can ban abusers, throttle access, and restrict geographical regions, among other features. Furthermore, Aigur allows users to fine-tune the flow without disrupting production.

When a new version is ready, it can be deployed without developer involvement or downtime. Should the need arise, rollbacks are also possible.In conclusion, Aigur is an effective tool that streamlines the development and management of generative AI flows for teams, offering ease of use, collaboration, feedback gathering, integration capabilities, comprehensive monitoring, and flow management features.


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