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Chatbot platform with language comprehension and memory.
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Zep is an open-source platform that provides fast and scalable building blocks for LLM (Language, Learning, and Memory) applications. With Zep's components, users can easily transition from a prototype built in LangChain or LlamaIndex, or any custom app, to a production-ready application in minutes without the need for code rewriting.Zep offers a single platform for memory, search, and enrichment, focusing on privacy compliance.

It allows users to implement vector search capabilities, enabling semantic search over chat histories and documents. Users can filter search results using metadata and utilize Zep's named entity extraction and intent analysis output.

Zep also provides automatic embedding with local low-latency models or the option to bring your own vectors.Another feature of Zep is its chat history memory, archival, and enrichment capabilities.

It enables users to populate prompts with relevant chat history and leverage Zep's automatic message enrichment for building powerful tools for agents.

Zep facilitates records retention obligations by archiving all user messages and AI responses.Additionally, Zep allows users to manage users and their chat sessions effortlessly.

Users and chat sessions are considered first-class citizens within Zep, enabling easy management of interactions with bots or agents. Zep also aids in compliance with corporate and regulatory mandates for records retention, including privacy regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.Zep supports various languages and frameworks, including Python, TypeScript, LangChain, and LlamaIndex.

It provides comprehensive documentation and an open-source SDK that simplifies integration into LLM applications.Overall, Zep offers an intuitive and efficient solution for deploying LLM apps, with a focus on fast, scalable building blocks, privacy compliance, and seamless transition from prototype to production.


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