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Platform for non-coders to develop applications.
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Clevis is a user-friendly tool that empowers individuals to create AI-powered applications effortlessly, even if they have no coding experience. Its intuitive interface and a diverse selection of pre-built processing steps offer users the ability to build and market applications with advanced functionality like text generation, image manipulation, and interactive chat interfaces.

By combining user input, AI-processing, and web scraping, Clevis allows users to build their applications from scratch through a step-by-step process.

Once the app is ready, a shareable link is generated, enabling users to easily distribute their creation to anyone.Clevis also provides a monetization feature that facilitates the commercialization of apps.

By connecting their Stripe account, users can implement usage-based pricing models, allowing them to profit from their work effortlessly.To further stimulate creativity, Clevis offers a library of existing apps developed using its platform.

Users can browse through this library to find inspiration and gain insight into the capabilities of the tool.Overall, Clevis offers a solution for individuals looking to harness the power of AI without having to delve into coding.

Its simplicity and extensive feature set make it accessible to a broad audience, empowering users to create and profit from AI-powered applications.


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Pros and Cons


Non-coders can develop apps
User-friendly interface
Diverse pre-built processing steps
Text generation feature
Image manipulation feature
Interactive chat interfaces
Web scraping capability
Shareable link for distribution
Monetization feature
Usage-based pricing models
Stripe account integration
Existing apps library
No coding experience required
Step-by-step development process
Commercialisation of apps
Wide range of functionality
Inspiration from existing apps
Accessible to broad audience


Limited customizability for non-coders
Sharing only via links
Dependent on Stripe for monetization
Might lack advanced features
No mentioned offline capabilities
Limited pre-built processing steps
No API for integration
No direct deployment option


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What is the role of user-input, AI-processing, and web scraping in the development of apps on Clevis?
Is it possible to build interactive chat interfaces with Clevis?
What is the purpose of the app library in Clevis?
Is coding knowledge necessary to create applications on Clevis?
How does Clevis encourage creativity in app development?
What sort of apps can be built using Clevis?
How accessible is Clevis to individuals without a tech background?
Can I connect my Stripe account to facilitate selling on Clevis?
Does Clevis provide a shareable link once the app is ready?
How can I profit from my apps on Clevis?
Does Clevis offer early access to features?
How can I gain insight into the capabilities of Clevis?
What is the range of pre-built processing steps available on Clevis?

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