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Automated messages for personal and business.
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CommuniqAI is an AI-powered tool designed for automating SMS text messages, calls, and emails. The app is suitable for those who struggle to maintain regular communication with their loved ones, family, friends, clients, customers, and patients.

It has a straightforward and intuitive interface that allows users to customize and schedule messages quickly. In addition, the app uses AI-generated text messages or predefined recurring message templates that are conversationally aware, ensuring that the messages are thoughtful and engaging.

Users can easily edit, disable, postpone, skip, or change messages to other frequently sent messages. The app also has a notification feature that provides users with reminders based on their communication history and favorite messages, and upcoming messages can be customized.

CommuniqAI will not automatically send messages or make calls to individuals who have recently communicated with you or who you are currently speaking to.

The app has a variety of features, including time zone awareness, history tracking, and support for multiple users. The app also offers users the option to set the maximum number of messages they want to send per day, week, month, or quarter.

CommuniqAI has a privacy policy that ensures data protection, and the developer recommends the responsible use of the app. To maintain data privacy and security, data is encrypted in transit, and users can request that their data be deleted.

In summary, CommuniqAI provides AI-powered automation for SMS, calls, and email to help individuals stay in touch and maintain regular communication with their loved ones and business associates.


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CommuniqAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable SMS automation
Intuitive user interface
Editable, postponable scheduled messages
Reminders based on communication history
Won't disturb during live conversation
Max messages control per time period
Multiple users support
Time zone awareness
Track communication history
Data encrypted in transit
Data deletion on request
Email automation
Call automation
Supports Android Material design
Privacy conscious
Intelligent scheduling and randomization
Population of notifications with favorites
Automated tracking of SMS/calls
Avoids repeating last message


Lacks full RCS support
Restricted to predefined templates
No biometric authentication
Unclear third-party data sharing
Incomprehensive notification content
Trouble handling MMS content
No access to actual MMS
Limited favorite messages availability
Requires manual prevention settings
Incomplete time zone awareness


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Can I edit or skip scheduled messages in CommuniqAI?
Does CommuniqAI automatically send messages to people with whom I have recently communicated?
What is the purpose of the notification feature in CommuniqAI?
What are the privacy features of CommuniqAI?
How can I ensure my data is secure when using CommuniqAI?
Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send per day using CommuniqAI?
How does CommuniqAI handle different time zones?
Does CommuniqAI track communication history?
Does CommuniqAI allow for customization of upcoming messages?
How can I delete my data from CommuniqAI?
What measures are in place in CommuniqAI to prevent repetitive messaging?
What are the system requirements for running CommuniqAI?
Can I use CommuniqAI to automate calls?
How does the AI in CommuniqAI ensure engaging conversation while messaging?
How does CommuniqAI help me stay in touch with my contacts?

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