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Create an AI clone of yourself from your messages.
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Dolly AI is a tool designed to transform your WhatsApp conversations into a personalized, digital twin or AI chatbot. The purpose of this tool is to mimic your unique chat style, offering an engaging and amusing conversational interface.

The AI clone it creates can effectively engage in dialogues, mimicking your wit and wisdom. Apart from using the tool for personal entertainment, one can also share their AI clone with friends, letting them interact with your digital twin.

The interaction can span a range of topics and emotions, from fun and laughter to seeking advice. The process to create your AI clone is quite simple, as it begins by connecting your WhatsApp account to the platform, enabling the AI to learn your unique chat style.

The tool promises an AI clone ready to chat in a short span of time. As an important note on privacy, Dolly AI ensures that personal data protection is a priority.

The WhatsApp data used for training your AI clone is discarded post-training. This allows users to control what chats are used for training the AI clone.


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Dolly AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms WhatsApp conversations
Mimics user's chat style
Engaging conversational interface
Can entertain users
Covers a range of emotions
WhatsApp connection for learning
Prioritizes data protection
Discards data after training
User-controlled chat selection
Effective dialogue engagement
Behavioral mimicry involved
NLP chatbot
Useful for personal entertainment
Transparent business model
No ads
No personal data selling


Limited to WhatsApp
Not multi-language
Privacy concerns
Lack for business suitability
Potential error in mimicry
No insinuated long-term support
Requires continuous data input
Limited chatbot functionality


What is Dolly AI?
How does Dolly AI use my WhatsApp conversations?
Can I control what chats Dolly AI uses for training my AI clone?
Does Dolly AI store my personal data?
How does Dolly AI mimic my chat style?
Can I share my Dolly AI clone with my friends?
What are the uses of having a Dolly AI clone?
What is the process to create my AI clone on Dolly AI?
How long does it take for Dolly AI to create my AI clone?
Can my Dolly AI clone give advice?
Does the Dolly AI clone engage in a range of topics?
Does Dolly AI offer any emotional recognition or response?
How does Dolly AI ensure data protection?
Is the Dolly AI capable of text analytics and natural language processing?
Can I use Dolly AI for entertainment purposes?
Does the Dolly AI's clone mimic behavioral characteristics?
Is Dolly AI used solely with WhatsApp?
What is the business model of Dolly AI?
Who is the creator of Dolly AI?
Can Dolly AI generate an amusing conversational interface?

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