Virtual clones 2023-10-26
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Mock-up version of ChatGPT.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm your digital clone, ready to mirror your thoughts.
Generated by ChatGPT

Marc's Clone is a GPT that operates on ChatGPT's platform. This tool is designed with the unique function of mimicking the user's thoughts, following the model of a digital clone.

Its primary function stems from the idea of replicating the user's thought process through textual interaction. Upon the user's interaction, the GPT greets with a welcome message that communicates its function as a digital clone ready to mirror the user's insights.

In terms of operative requirements, Marc's Clone necessitates the involvement of the ChatGPT Plus platform to function. The tool suits particularly users who seek to generate dialogues and conversational threads that align with their unique voice and thinking style.

Marc's Clone stands out as an innovation within the community builder genre of GPTs. Users can access the tool upon signing up for the ChatGPT Plus service, which powers the GPT in its task to mirror user's thoughts in a chat-like interface.

The tool uses prompt starters that help users explore dialogues with their digital clone, giving the users a unique experience of self-dialogue and introspection while also unlocking potential creative, analytical, and problem-solving perspectives.


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