Virtual clones 2023-10-31
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Create a digital version of yourself for business and influencers.
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Supster is a free tool used to create websites, bots, or mobile applications that capture and replicate individual personalities, experiences, and ideologies.

The platform creates a 'digital clone' through various data sources such as chats, emails, social posts, YouTube videos, and audio files. This primarily aims to facilitate one-on-one interactions between influencers and their fans but also benefits businesses looking to maintain an individualized approach to large-scale communication.

Using Supster, users can upload their experiences and personalities onto a chosen format and potentially earn via subscription from followers. The platform allows its users to create addresses for their pages, post relevant content, and manage this content with minimal technical skills.

Supster's service settings offer commercial feeds, subscription services, private clubs, and goods by subscription, and control automatic charges for these services.

The tool also provides an easy-to-use interface for order fulfilment and customer communication, encouraging relationship-building with potential clients.

Finally, Supster supports business expansion through the creation of landing and promotional pages, contributing to a company's overall growth and outreach.

Other integral features include a mobile CRM for on-the-go management, a built-in analytics and reporting system, and an automated sales funnel for efficient customer journey tracking.


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Supster was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Digital clone creation
Captures individual personalities
Uses various data sources
Enables one-on-one interactions
Individual approach to communication
Potential to earn via subscription
User-friendly content management
Built-in commercial feeds
Subscription service management
Private clubs navigation
Automatic charge control
Easy order fulfilment
Encourages customer communication
Supports business expansion
Landing page creation tool
Promotional page creation tool
Mobile CRM feature
Built-in analytics system
Reporting system provided
Automated sales funnel
Allows posting customer reviews
Option to create user categories
User management settings
Push-notifications about orders
Automated sales funnel
Captures maximum customer data
Tracks user activities
Conversion data transfer via Pixel
Interacts with multiple followers simultaneously
Efficient monetization through subscription
1-click fund withdrawal
Compatible with multiple payment platforms


Requires JavaScript enabled
No provided customer support
Risk of misinterpreting personalities
Data privacy concerns
Relies heavily on user content
No multilingual support
No offline capabilities
Undefined user data sources
No detailed user guide
Subscription model may be unaffordable


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