Maintains voices in multi-lingual podcast translation.

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Clonedub is an AI-powered localization tool for videos that offers automated voiceovers, captions, and translation services. It can swiftly localize video content using powerful AI tools, enabling businesses of all sizes to produce multilingual videos.

With CloneDub, you can simply paste the link of your video, and our system will automatically dub it into 28 languages using AI. Our platform integrates seamlessly with ElevenLabs, offering you the flexibility to choose from standard voices or even clone your own.

CloneDub seamlessly:

-Transcribes the video with precision
-Renders multi-language translations
-Generates the dubbed audio
-Isolates the background music
-Harmonizes all elements to perfection
CloneDub was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 7th 2023.
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Pavneet Singh
· Sep 9, 2023

1 alternative to CloneDub for Audio translations

Pros and Cons


Maintains original voice characteristics
Supports multiple languages
Upload audio files functionality
Accepts YouTube links
Accepts short audio links
Under 15 min audio support
Provides translation experience example
Answers frequently asked questions
Download translated audio option
Direct share from website
Wide range of output languages
Capable to translate podcasts
Option to upload YouTube content
Supports various audio file types
Accuracy in translations
Offers seamless audio conversion


Limited to 15-minute audios
Doesn't clarify translation speed
Restricted translation language options
No accuracy assurance
Unclear file type support
No way to expand limit
Share and download only options
Limited source audio input methods


What is CloneDub?
What makes CloneDub different from other translation tools?
What is AI voice cloning technology that CloneDub uses?
What types of audio files can I upload for translation with CloneDub?
What languages does CloneDub support for translation?
What is the maximum length of audio file I can translate using CloneDub?
Is there a quality difference between the original and the translated audio?
Can I listen to an example of a translated audio before using CloneDub?
How do I upload an audio file for translation in CloneDub?
Can I upload YouTube links for translation in CloneDub?
Can I translate my podcasts using CloneDub?
Can I share the translated audio directly from CloneDub's website?
How long it takes to translate my audio file with CloneDub?
Will my translated audio file maintain the original voice characteristics with CloneDub?
How accurate are the translations from CloneDub?
Is there a possibility to download my translated audio files from CloneDub?
Can I use CloneDub for translating other multimedia content like videos?
How is the quality of the translation offered by CloneDub?
What happens if my audio file is longer than 15 minutes?
Are there any plans to increase the number of languages supported by CloneDub?

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