Audio translations 2023-06-23
Translated speech in real-time across languages for iOS.
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Shook is an AI voice translation tool available for download on iOS devices. Its main function is to allow users to translate speech in real-time using Artificial Intelligence technology.

With its user-friendly interface, the app promises to provide accurate translations in phone calls, live conversations, and other audio content. Shook has been well-received by customers, as evidenced by its high ratings in the App Store.

In addition to its translation capabilities, Shook boasts a variety of features such as the ability to save translated phrases, listen to translations in both original and translated languages, and adjust the speaking speed of translations.

It is worth noting that while the app is free to download, it includes in-app purchases for additional features. Overall, Shook offers a practical solution for those looking to overcome language barriers, particularly in a real-time and conversational setting.


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Shook was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Translates speech in real-time
Accurate translations
Highly rated on App Store
Save translated phrases feature
Can adjust speaking speed
Listen to translations
Translates phone calls
Translates live conversations
Translates other audio content
In-app purchases for upgrades
iOS compatibility
User-friendly interface
Supports multiple languages
Clone your own voice
Interest-based In-app purchases
Lifestyle Category
Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Requires iPadOS 13.0 or later
English language support
Good for easing language barriers
Designed for iPad
Good for communication
Share voice messages feature
Data not collected
Compatible with Apple M1 chip


iOS only
In-app purchases required
Limited language options
Requires iOS 13.0 later
Limited to certain devices
Profanity filter not robust


What is Shook?
How does Shook work?
What languages does Shook support?
Is Shook available on all iOS devices?
How do I clone my voice using Shook?
What unique features does Shook offer?
How can I share translated messages from Shook?
Does Shook offer real-time translations?
Is Shook well-rated on the App Store?
Can I listen to translations in both the original and translated languages on Shook?
Is it possible to adjust the speaking speed of translations in Shook?
How can I download Shook on my iPhone?
Is Shook free to use or are there any in-app purchases?
Can I use Shook during phone calls or live conversations?
Does Shook use AI technology for translations?
How accurate are Shook translations?
Can I use Shook to translate audio content?
How can I save translated phrases in Shook?
How user-friendly is Shook?
What additional features does Shook offer with in-app purchases?

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