Virtual clones 2023-10-20
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BySu Yan
A digital twin that learns and immortalizes you.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm AI-me, ready to learn about you for digital immortalization. Let's chat!
Sample prompts:
My name is Li Hua. You can start asking questions now.
Je m’appelle li hua, vous pouvez maintenant passer aux questions.
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GPT-ME is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) built to create a digital twin by learning from user interactions. Positioned on the ChatGPT platform, this AI-enabled tool aims to 'immortalize' its users digitally by studying their responses to various queries and gaining understanding about their preferences, perspectives, and personal traits with the objective of replicating their communication style convincingly.

This learning process involves capturing knowledge from a wide array of questions posed by the user and refining its interpretations over time to offer a more personalized interaction experience.

With a multi-lingual operational capability, GPT-ME is designed to engage users in various languages, as depicted in the prompt starters where the AI tool can interact using English, Mandarin, Japanese, and French.

This flexibility widens its audience reach, making it globally accessible. As a prerequisite to use GPT-ME, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is required, indicating its alliance with OpenAI's extended AI services.

In essence, GPT-ME represents an innovative step towards bridging the divide between human communication and AI, facilitating a seamless conversation experience that accurately represents the user.

The tool also resonates the potential application in memorialization, providing a platform for users to digitally preserve and replicate their identity.


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GPT-ME was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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