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Relive moments with deeply cloned portraits and voices.
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Eadlyn is an advanced AI technology designed to effectively clone portraits and voices, offering the ability to relive past moments. It transforms the way memories are kept by revitalising them through the recreation of an individual's image and voice.

The tool is user-friendly, requiring only a few simple steps to generate high-quality voice and image reproductions. The technology is underlined by a commitment to customer data security, ensuring that users' information is kept confidential and safe.

It employs AI models for replication, which are trained on the input data provided by the user, be that voice, images, or text, to produce a highly realistic 'digital life'.

With a range of pricing plans, it caters to varied user needs from creating limited daily voice models for free to more extensive professional offerings.

Eadlyn's voice cloning technology has received positive feedback for entertainment, personalization purposes, and for bringing a sense of closeness to distant or departed loved ones.

Users must ensure they have the rights to use the data they upload.


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May 9, 2024
Its not working. It shows error.

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Pros and Cons


Clones portraits and voices
Revitalises memories
High-quality reproductions
Data security
Realistic 'digital life' creation
Multiple pricing plans
Useful for personalization
Add closeness to distant loved ones
Tested positive for entertainment
Just a few clicks needed
Deep cloning feature
Best quality restoration
Secure data guarantee
Free plan available
Unlimited voice model creation (premium)
Unlimited voice generation (premium)
One-to-one professional development (business)
Prompt technical support (business)
Flawless actor voice cloning
Recreation of familiar voices
Uncanny voice realism
User authorization required
Testimonials from happy users
Creates 10 voice models a day (free)
Generates 50 voices a day (free)
Wide range of applications
Suitable for businesses and individuals
Recreates images and audio
Practical for long-distance relationships
Revitalises visually and audibly
Transforms traditional memory keeping
Instantly relive memories
Maintains user's right of data
Available for varying user needs
Secure user log in
Guided voice, image and text upload
Interactive customer engagement
Echoes original voice and image
Promotes creative possibilities
Reduces viewer-listener gap
Trusted by happy customers


Requires user data rights
Limited daily models on Free Plan
Requires multiple data types (voice, image, text)
No multilingual support mentioned
Security details not specific
Professional support only in Business Plan
Unclear about image recreation details
Potentially high emotional impact


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How has Eadlyn's voice cloning technology been received?
Can Eadlyn recreate the voices of deceased loved ones?
How does Eadlyn contribute to the entertainment industry?
Do users need to have rights to the data they upload to Eadlyn?
In what ways can Eadlyn's AI technology be personalized?
Are there any limitations to the voices Eadlyn can recreate?
Can Eadlyn clone voices for business purposes?
What is the quality of the cloned portraits produced by Eadlyn?
How does Eadlyn transform the concept of preserving memories?
Are there professional services offered by Eadlyn?
What are the technical support options offered by Eadlyn?

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