Screening job candidates and messaging on LinkedIn.

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HirePeople is a Chrome extension that helps recruiters save time and increase the efficiency of their outreach efforts. The tool allows recruiters to send personalized LinkedIn invitations instantly by crafting outreach messages for candidates based on their LinkedIn profile.

The extension offers language selection, tone selection, and relationship level selection features to tailor messages to the candidates' personalities and increase positive response rates.

Additionally, the tool offers a professional or witty tone of voice selection to add a personal touch and improve outreach efforts. HirePeople has received positive reviews from its customers who claim that it has saved them a lot of time and increased the number of qualified candidates in their pipeline.

The tool has also reduced the time-to-hire by 30%, making it a valuable asset for recruiters. Its generated messages feature allows recruiters to write tailored invitations, reducing the use of copy-pasted messages that may be generic and ineffective.

Overall, HirePeople is a must-have for recruiters looking to streamline their recruitment process and meet their recruitment needs more effectively.


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