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ByBraeden Ostepchuk
A concise, casual card writer for personalized messages.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's create a special card message. What's the occasion?
Sample prompts:
What's the special occasion?
Who's the lucky recipient?
Any specific details or messages to include?
Preferred tone for the card message?
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Heartfelt Scribe operates as a GPT designed to facilitate the drafting of personalized card messages. This AI tool can be described as concise and casual, making it perfectly suited for generating unique, touching messages for various occasions.

The user interface primarily interacts with the user by asking well-structured questions like - 'What's the special occasion?', 'Who's the lucky recipient?', 'Are there any specific details or messages to incorporate?' and 'What is the preferred tone for the card message?'.

These prompts provide the GPT with the necessary information to effectively curate and generate a personalized card message tailored to meet the user's expectations and specifications.

Heartfelt Scribe also requires ChatGPT Plus, meaning that before users can enjoy its services, they have to be registered with ChatGPT Plus. This tool can be of great advantage to individuals who need to make their messages more personal but are perhaps struggling with what exactly to say.

Heartfelt Scribe manages to take basic information and transform it into a heartwarming, personalized message.


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