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Photorealistic holiday card creation.
Generated by ChatGPT

AI Holiday Cards is an AI engine platform designed to create photorealistic holiday cards for couples. It allows users to upload photos of themselves and their partner, make a one-time payment, and then receive a batch of 30 AI-generated realistic photos with a custom postcard in under 45 minutes.

The photos are generated using AI technology that has been optimized to provide the highest degree of accuracy in reproducing both faces. The platform was created by Ana Maria Ghita and Martin Donadieu, who have used their expertise in software engineering and transformational coaching to develop the fastest growing payment platform worldwide.

AI Holiday Cards is a great way to create unique holiday memories and share them with friends and family. Furthermore, users can reload the page to display another one of their AI-generated photos into the postcard.


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AI Holiday Cards was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Photorealistic holiday card creation
Customizable photos and postcards
Fast process under 45 minutes
Accurate face reproduction
Secure one-time payment method
Reproducible results with reload feature
Affordable pricing
Supports png and jpg formats
No storage of credit card information
Community building among couples
Unique gift and sharing option
Expertise-driven platform
Continued improvement and optimization
Refund constraints ensure immediate work
User-friendly interface and process
Personal touch with creators' introduction
Responsive support chat box
Consistent system upgrades planned


Only for couples
Limited photo formats accepted
Pay prior to service
No refund policy
Long generation time
Generated photos may vary
No mention of privacy
One-time use
No functionality for singles
Requires 20 photos


What is AI Holiday Cards?
How does AI Holiday Cards work?
What do I need to provide for AI Holiday Cards to create the holiday themed photos?
How many AI-generated photos can I expect from AI Holiday Cards?
How long will AI Holiday Cards take to generate my holiday photos?
Who created the AI Holiday Cards platform?
What kind of photos should I upload for AI Holiday Cards to generate holiday photos?
What is the cost of using AI Holiday Cards?
What types of payment does AI Holiday Cards accept?
Is the payment process for AI Holiday Cards secure?
How accurate are the AI-generated photos from AI Holiday Cards?
What can I do with the photos and postcards made by AI Holiday Cards?
How often can I reload the page to display another AI-generated photo into the postcard?
Can I use AI Holiday Cards if I am not part of a couple?
What file formats does AI Holiday Cards accept for uploaded photos?
What happens after I make a payment on AI Holiday Cards?
Can I request a refund after getting my AI-generated photos from AI Holiday Cards?
What technology does AI Holiday Cards use for generating photos?
How many people are necessary in the photos for AI Holiday Cards to function?
Can I share the AI Holiday Cards photos online with my friends and family?


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