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Personalized greeting card generation
Generated by ChatGPT

Lazy Cards is a tool that provides free AI-written greeting cards. It allows users to easily generate personalized and thoughtful cards without spending too much time or effort.

The AI assistant, named Skylar, helps in crafting the messages for the cards. The tool offers both physical greeting cards, which can be sent anywhere in the world for a price starting from $2.99, and free eCards for those on a budget.

Users can choose from various card categories such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions. The website also features a quick view option for users to easily browse through the available cards.

Additionally, Lazy Cards offers shipping services to different countries at affordable costs and estimated delivery times.The tool is popular among lazy individuals who want to be thoughtful but lack the motivation to invest significant time and effort in creating personalized greetings.

Users of Lazy Cards have expressed satisfaction with the convenience and time-saving benefits it provides. The eCards are sent from a domain but bear the sender's name, while the printed greeting cards have no mention of Lazy Cards, ensuring a more personal touch.Overall, Lazy Cards caters to individuals looking for an easy and efficient way to send personalized greeting cards using AI-generated content.


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Lazy Cards was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized greeting card generation
Physical and eCard options
Starts from $2.99
Various card categories
Quick view option
Worldwide shipping services
Affordable shipping costs
eCards bear sender's name
Printed cards lack branding
Automated content creation
Provides time-saving benefits
Delivery time estimates


Limited card design options
Not suitable for serious occasions
Dependent on website uptime
No offline functionality
No Android or iOS app
May produce insensitive humor
No bespoke card creation option
No multilingual support
Lacks customization for physical cards
Delayed delivery for physical cards


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Do the Lazy Cards bear the sender's name or the company's name?
From which domain are the eCards sent?
What does the card created from Lazy Cards look like?
How do birthdays, weddings, anniversaries cards differ on Lazy Cards?
What does the 'quick view option' on Lazy Cards website do?
What are the estimated delivery times for Lazy Cards?
How does Lazy Cards ensure a personal touch in its cards?
What are the shipping costs for Lazy Cards?
Are eCards and physical greeting cards designed differently?
What's the difference between Lazy Cards and traditional greeting cards?
Does Lazy Cards also have personalized physical cards?
Is there any subscription model or loyalty benefits for Lazy Cards users?


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