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Artful Greeting AI Cards

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ByJuan Arkani
Crafts customisable themed greeting cards
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to craft a special card?
Sample prompts:
Make a birthday card.
I need a thank you card.
Write a Christmas card.
Craft a card for another occasion.
Make a card for my friend's graduation.
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Artful Greeting AI Cards is a unique GPT that makes personalized, thematic greeting cards. Developed by Juan Arkani, this tool uses the power of GPT to create a variety of greeting cards fitting different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, graduation and more.

Users can constrain the tool with relevant greeting card data, and it responds by crafting suitable card texts. Additionally, users can request cards for specific needs by using prompt starters like 'Make a birthday card.', 'Write a Christmas card.', 'Craft a card for another occasion.', etc.

The service requires users to have an active ChatGPT Plus account, indicating its usage of advanced language model capabilities to produce more compelling results.

After entering the respective inputs and choosing the required prompt starter, the tool provides text that can be used directly or further personalised as per the users' needs.

This dynamic function makes the Artful Greeting AI Cards a versatile tool to generate greeting cards for both formal and casual occasions.


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