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Creates unique Diwali greeting cards
GPT welcome message: Happy Diwali! How can I assist with your greeting card?
Sample prompts:
Design a card for my close friend
Design a card for my colleague
Craft a card with a quote for my distant relative
Make a creative greeting card for my nemesis
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Diwali Card Crafter is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that crafts unique greeting cards for the Hindu festival of Diwali. This GPT is designed to assist users in creating customised greeting cards that reflect the spirit and aesthetics of the celebration.

The user can provide unique inputs such as the relationship to the recipient (e.g., close friend, colleague, distant relative, or even nemesis) and specify their requirement, and the GPT will generate a custom card design accordingly.

Imagine the unique, heart-warming, or fun designs you can create on your own with this tool, adding a personalised touch to your Diwali greetings. This GPT's versatility allows users to convey their festive messages in an engaging, unique, and personal manner.

Crafted by GIRIDHUR, this GPT utility requires ChatGPT Plus to function. Its welcoming and engaging interface greets users with a lively message, 'Happy Diwali! How can I assist with your greeting card?'.

The GPT's ability to design cards based on user inputs set it apart as a creative platform to celebrate and share the joy of Diwali.


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