Product description generation in Hindi.
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Adad is an AI-driven product description generator that makes it easy to create product descriptions and ad copies in Hindi. It uses generative AI technology to generate product descriptions quickly and accurately.

With its simple user interface, Adad allows users to type in the product name and generate a product description in real-time. It also features a translation tool that can convert the generated product description from English to Hindi.

Adad makes it easy to create product descriptions with its time-efficient generator, providing users with an efficient and cost-effective way to create product descriptions in Hindi.


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Adad was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates Product Descriptions
Creates Ad Copies
Native Hindi Support
Real-time Generation
Translation Tool In-built
Simple User Interface
Time Efficient
Mobile Application available
Focus on Core Functionality
Email Support Available


Only generates in Hindi
No multi-language support
Lacks customization options
Limited to product descriptions
No API for integration
No offline version
No iOS app available
Explicit translation step required
No batch generation feature
Lacks advanced formatting options


What is Adad?
What does Adad do?
How does Adad work?
Who might use Adad?
Can I translate the product descriptions generated by Adad?
What languages does Adad support?
What is the main advantage of using Adad?
How do I use Adad to generate product descriptions?
What technology does Adad use to generate descriptions?
Is Adad accurate in its product description generation?
Does the translation feature of Adad maintain the description precision?
Can Adad generate descriptions for products outside of India?
Is Adad available as an app?
Can Adad generate product descriptions in real-time?
How easy is it to use Adad for product descriptions?
Can I use Adad even if I don't know Hindi?
Does Adad use neural networks for generating the descriptions?
How much does it cost to use Adad?
What's the turnaround time for generating product descriptions with Adad?
Can Adad handle large batches of product descriptions?

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