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Predictive modeling platform for business outcomes.
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Akkio is a no-code AI platform that allows users to create predictive models from their data. It enables users to quickly and easily turn their data into predictive models that can be used to make smarter real-time decisions.

Akkio leverages existing data to predict key business outcomes such as augmented lead scoring, forecasting, text classification, and churn reduction. It can also perform complex data cleaning operations such as combining columns, reformatting dates, and removing outliers.

Akkio is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by business users without the need for coding or machine learning expertise. It can be used to save time and improve results in a variety of operations, from sales and marketing to finance and customer support.


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Akkio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Quick creation of predictive models
Real-time decision capabilities
Existing data leverage
Supports complex data cleaning
User-friendly interface
Can be used in various operations
Assists in sales and marketing
Supports finance and customer support
Scalable platform
Affordable platform
Can reformat dates
Can remove outliers
Easy language translation
Can perform complex calculations
Can combine columns
Can filter data
Efficient in growth operations
Assists in forecasting
Enables text classification
Aids in churn reduction
Instant sharing of predictions
Compatible with mobile devices
Easy API integration
Available in popular languages and platforms
Ability to automate internal processes
Improves decision making
Saves time
Can increase results efficiency
Enables creation and deployment of predictive models


No transparent model details
No advanced feature engineering
No explicit multi-language support
No feature importance analysis
No multi-model ensemble options
No code access for customization
No built-in data visualization
No custom machine learning algorithms
Limited support for large datasets
No direct database connectivity


What is Akkio?
What can Akkio's predictive models be used for?
How does Akkio use existing data to predict key business outcomes?
What is the function of Akkio's Chat Data Prep feature?
How user-friendly is Akkio?
Do I need coding or machine learning expertise to use Akkio?
Can Akkio be used across different operations within a business?
How can Akkio improve results in sales and marketing?
What happens when I request a demo of Akkio?
What kind of tasks can Akkio perform in data cleaning operations?
Can Akkio also predict customer churn?
How are the predictive models created?
How can Akkio help with forecasting?
Can Akkio handle text classification?
What is the cost of using Akkio?
How can Akkio help my business make real-time decisions?
How does Akkio's 'Instant webapps' feature work?
What integrations does Akkio offer?
How does Akkio's 'Introducing Chat Data Prep' feature work?
Why is Akkio considered a no-code AI platform?

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