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Craft SEO-rich product descriptions for e-commerce.
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Sample prompts:
Describe a coffee mug for my shop.
Suggest H1 tags for a yoga mat.
Meta title for organic baby clothes?
Keywords for a leather wallet?
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Product Page SEO Wizard is a GPT developed by that focuses on enhancing e-commerce SEO. The tool aids in crafting SEO-rich product descriptions, H1 tags, and meta details for online stores.

It can be used on top of the chat-based model, ChatGPT. The major aim of this tool is to optimize the product pages of an e-commerce site for better visibility in search engine rankings as it is extremely vital for driving organic traffic to the site.

One of the main features includes generating descriptions for a wide range of products. The user can provide a product name - say, a 'coffee mug' - and the tool will craft a detailed, SEO-friendly description for it.

Another unique feature of this GPT tool is its ability to suggest H1 tags for various items. For example, if the user needs an H1 tag for a 'yoga mat', the tool will deliver suitable suggestions.

In addition to that, the tool can also come up with a meta title for various products. For instance, for 'organic baby clothes', the tool will provide an appropriate meta-title that would potentially enhance its visibility in search engines.Finally, the tool offers keyword suggestions which can be utilized for further SEO optimization.

For example, if the user is selling a 'leather wallet', the tool can suggest relevant SEO keywords for it.The tool requires users to sign up and additionally requires ChatGPT Plus for operation.

It offers an interactive and facile interface that even non-tech savvy individuals can use comfortably. Simply, this GPT tool is a useful asset for anyone looking to improve their e-commerce SEO and increase the visibility of their products on search engines.


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Product Page SEO Wizard was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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