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User-responsive, multilingual AI for product listings.
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Sales Genius AI is a GPT crafted to provide multilingual AI assistance for optimizing product listings. This tool is designed to help users refine their product descriptions, maximize their search engine optimization (SEO), and increase the overall visibility and salability of their products.

Trading on substantial language capacity, it provides services in multiple languages, broadening the scope of users and products it can facilitate.One of the key features of Sales Genius AI is its image suggestion capability.

Not only can it assist in enhancing textual descriptions, but it also guides users in selecting appropriate and appealing images that can significantly contribute to product marketability.

Furthermore, it readily adapts to user requests making it a flexible and intuitive tool, capable of crafting tailored strategies to elevate individual product listings.

Another noteworthy feature of this GPT is its ability to translate product listings into Spanish, as well as presumably other languages, making it a versatile tool for expanding product reach to non-English speaking markets.

Lastly, it is required to have an active ChatGPT Plus to use Sales Genius AI. This ensures that users can benefit from the foundational abilities found in ChatGPT Plus, while leveraging the specialized functionality of Sales Genius AI for their product listing optimization needs.


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Sales Genius AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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