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ByJonatan Smulders Cohen
Specializes in price research before Marketplace listings.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's start with market research for your listing.
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How should I price this item?
Create a listing for this product.
Review market trends for this item.
Draft a listing in the provided format.
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Sell My Stuff is a GPT designed to assist users in conducting price research prior to listing items on online marketplaces. This tool focusses on market research for your listing, providing data analysis based on the current marketplace trends.

With it, users can gain insights into how to effectively price their items for sale, considering the dynamics of the specific online marketplace they are using.

Additionally, users can make use of its various features such as creating a listing for their product, reviewing market trends for their item, as well as drafting a listing in a specific format.

These functionalities provide users with comprehensive guidance on how to maximize the potential of their sales, from setting the right price points to drafting compelling listings.

While the GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, its comprehensive features may make it a useful tool for those frequently conducting online sales and wishing to optimize their process.

Please note that application requirements may change over time, and users are advised to verify the current setup requirements.


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